Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March madness

I love winter but one thing makes me feel good about junking my Christmas tree and welcoming spring.

That is black tights.

I am so sick of wearing black tights, I could die!

Black tights are kind of my uniform in the winter. Because of Leonard Pennario taking up my time I do not get around to going clothes shopping. I have been wearing the same three things all winter and just kind of hoping nobody notices.

The one constant is black tights. I have a million pairs and I wear them every day. They are easy and you can wear them with boots and short skirts both of which I like. Black tights are always in and out of the laundry and there are pairs stuck in my gym bag along with my Zumba clothes and there are even new and unopened pairs in my dresser just in case I come up short.

I know, I could wear black pants. That is how most women get through the winter. Every day, you go out, you see thousands of women running around in these black pants.

But pants are not my style. They just are not. I have never worn pants to work, never. Once in a snowstorm I turned up in jeans because I had to walk or something. And everyone was staring and teasing me.

So, I am stuck with these black tights.


I feel like Mozart or Haydn, having to run around in those stockings all the time. Here is an artist's rendering of Mozart and Haydn in their respective legwear.

Ha, ha! This picture is not based on real life but I love it. I love how Haydn is holding that gigantic lute.

How did they deal with it? They had to do it all year, figure. They could not even kick back in the summer the way I do. I love men's fashions in the late 18th century. I think they were the greatest men's fashions ever, with those knee breeches and cute stylish three-cornered hats. But I would not like to have to wear that legwear all the time, I will tell you that.

Black tights are just about all I can handle. And even with them, I have had it.

Bring on the spring!

Bring on the sandals!

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