Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arthurian myth

Last night I dreamed that Arthur Rubinstein, pictured above, was around and that I met him. He was in the Jackie Jocko crowd in my dream. That is the crowd of people who go to E.B. Green's to hear Jackie Jocko play the piano.

As I dreamed it, Arthur Rubinstein was a very nice guy as I am sure he was in real life. I mean, Leonard Pennario liked him. In my dream Rubinstein liked me, no big surprise there, and I hatched this plot to write a book about him, just a kind of quickie, to get out there and establish my reputation and make some money and make it easier to finish my book on Pennario.

My book on Rubinstein was going to be called, "Arthur Rubinstein: Up Close And Personal."

Hahahahaha! I would like to think that in real life I would come up with a better title.

Reviewing these plans in the cold light of day I was not sure what Rubinstein would have confided in me that was not revealed in his other books, "My Young Years" and "My Many Years," both of which were forthcoming to a fault.

But in my dream I was pretty sure he had stuff to tell me.

Oh well, I woke up. No Rubinstein. No quickie book.

That and, I had this big day ahead of me, including catching up with work, running errands, scoping out the soup kitchen to see what I am going to make, and taking my mom to the brand-new Tops that opened near her house. I was looking forward to seeing that Tops myself but I felt a twinge of regret, I have to say, that Rubinstein was not around to be my meal ticket.

That was a good plan and it was going to work out so well!

It is not easy, being a nerd.

You have nerd dreams!

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