Friday, February 4, 2011

So it is written

Today we scrutinize other people's Web logs.

No. 1 I have this Web log buddy now, Liz Savino. Howard and I are friends with Liz and her husband, the attorney Bill Savino. You cannot say merely "attorney." It must be "the attorney." Recently our friendship was galvanized when we went together to hear Jackie Jocko.

On New Year's Day, to my delight, Liz Savino began a Web log. And she said she was inspired by me! Here, I know that is unbelievable but you may read it for yourself.

Here is a painting of my friend Liz Savino writing her Web log.

She said the way I mention Leonard Pennario every day, she is going to mention Bill. And so far it has worked. So far.


Today I log on to my Web log friend Liz Savino's Web log and she has fallen beneath the wheel!

There is no post!

It is now 11:35 p.m. Liz, Web log buddy, you have 25 more minutes until it is midnight and your Web log turns into a pumpkin.

So that is No. 1 on the list of other people's Web logs, Liz Savino's Web log.

No. 2 is the Web log of my sister Katie.

I get this form-style email today announcing that she is, ahem, beginning a Web log, under the auspices of some friend of hers. I do not know which friend. I care not. The reason I care not is my sister has not only never looked at my Web log, but she has mocked it.

"I don't have time to read blogs." That is what she has said.

Now I am supposed to read her Web log, about German poetry in the classroom? I think nein.

Howard said I should tell her, "Read my thousand Web log posts and then I will read yours."

We drive a hard bargain here at the Leonard Pennario desk!

Speaking of which, news flash. I just checked Liz Savino's site. She has posted!

That was a close one, Liz!

A close one for me, too.

I have only six minutes to spare!

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