Friday, January 14, 2011

Back in the saddle

It is high time I wrote something. I cannot have everyone looking at my toilet forever. It is a good-looking and valuable and antique toilet but still.

Today I rejoined the land of the living after being brought down by this bug. Son of a sea cook, I was sick half the week! I blame the County Courthouse where I am doing my jury duty. It is not violating the various oaths I have taken if I confide that in the bathrooms, there are these huge bossy Health Department signs telling you how to wash your hands properly -- use hot water, soap, lather up for 10 seconds, whatever. However. The hot water faucets do not work and you can get only a trickle out of the cold faucets. Lots o' luck washing your hands with that.

I should sue.

Cellino and Barnes, here I come!

Well, today I am better. For a bunch of nights I was taking NyQuil. NyQuil makes you sleep like a rock and you have vivid dreams. Last night I was dreaming I was all excited because I was going downtown to this concert on the waterfront where they were going to be playing Ravel. That must have been because I had been listening to Leonard Pennario playing "La Valse."

I woke up in the morning thinking bummer, no Ravel concert, instead, work day. However! I slept like a rock. It had to be the NyQuil! I was laughing about it.

Then I realized: Wait, I did not take NyQuil lastnight. It was the first night I went without it.

That was when I knew I was better! So today I went to Zumba class for the first time in forever. I was laughing and dancing around. After Zumba I went to see my mom for the first time in four days. Then I came home and made squid for Howard and me.

Howard likes to play the piano after dinner and he has been playing out of this book that Mom gave him for Christmas. It is a fake book of songs from the 1900s. He was working his way through the F's tonight. I heard "For All We Know," "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and "Full Moon and Empty Arms."

Before that it was "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue." We have since heard a couple of versions of that song on YouTube. It is a great old flapper song.

Now I should go to bed. It is far beyond a decent hour. But there is nothing like the first day you are better after a cold.

You do not want it to end!

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