Tuesday, January 18, 2011

These little lights o'mine

As long as my Christmas tree is not losing its needles I want to keep it up, I am sorry. I worked hard for that Christmas tree! Remember the problem I had with the stand and everything? I am in no hurry to take it down.

What is the big hurry with taking down all our lights ...

... anyway?

Here we go into January and then, son of a sea cook, February. And then March. For months now all we have scheduled is cold and snow. But oh, everyone is in a hurry to take down those sparkling lights and plunge us into darkness.

Well, I felt better today about my tree. I noticed today that there are mansions on Nottingham with their trees still up! I saw two trees up and sparkling and there was one mansion that still had all its Christmas lights on the outside, too. And the wreaths on the doors. Note to out-of-town Leonard Pennario fans: Nottingham Terrace is one of Buffalo's most exclusive streets. What is good enough for Nottingham Terrace is good enough for me.

Not only that but coming home from my mom's tonight I went down chi-chi Depew Avenue. And there were still lighted-up trees on Depew too! I looked in my aunt and uncle's old house at 50 Depew and there was a huge Christmas tree in the window sparkling.

I am not alone!

Come on, everyone, according to my missal last Sunday at Mass we are still in the Christmas Cycle. Last time I checked Christ was still here and born. We should continue to enjoy ourselves. I think I will make up another batch of Irish cream. I have finished the last one.

Let's keep those Christmas lights glowing.

Let them shine!

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