Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let the games begin

Today was a very ceremonial day. This day usually arrives during the Christmas cycle, while the snow is still on the ground. It always falls on a Saturday.

It is the first estate sale of the year!

Today my mother and I hit a sale off Longmeadow and as is traditional I bought things for me and for Howard. You must always make purchases at the first estate sale of the year!

For myself I bought pink retro beads and earrings. They are clip earrings because I have always been too squeamish to get my ears pierced.

For Howard I bought a Wall Street tie.

They both came from the same sale!

We are off to a running start. We went to another sale too and there I bought boots and a thermos.

No Leonard Pennario records but this is a start.

Wish me luck in my Estate Sale Year of 2011!

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