Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gym rat

No one can ever say I am not using my gym membership. Today I was at the gym for almost four hours!

I did not plan on it but what happened was, I went to my after-work Zumba class which, it was great and I had a lot of fun. But after that I had noticed there was a Pilates class. I have been thinking it would be good for me to go to Pilates again, strengthen myself.

Then I thought, on the other hand, I might just go home and drink wine.

Then -- I was in the locker room after Zumba while I was thinking this over -- I realized I had left my purse upstairs anyway, in the Zumba room. So I decided as long as I was going to have to run back upstairs and get it, I may as well seek out this Pilates class.

So I changed from my electric green Zumba outfit into black sweatpants and this chic yoga top I found at a garage sale last summer. Then I went and got my purse and then I went looking for the Pilates studio.

I was late but with a little bit of help I finally found it. I had to go through this weight room I had not known existed. I got to this door. There was a sign on the door saying: "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE OPEN THIS DOOR WHILE A CLASS IS IN PROGRESS."

I opened the door and walked in and there were three women on mats and they all turned and stared at me. The room was dark. I could not figure out if it was a class or what. Maybe I had screwed something up. No one said anything and I took a few more steps in, carrying my purse, uncertain as to what to do next.

Finally the one in the front said, "Welcome." She gestured toward this tub of mats and I got a mat and took off my shoes and joined the class.

That woman who welcomed me, the teacher, she cracked me up. She was all regal and bossy and I loved that, this new character entering my life. She looked great too, which is good advertising for her class. I will say this too: This Pilates class knocked me flat. I actually started laughing to myself, trying to do these moves under her close supervision. I was saying to myself, whose idea was this?

After class when I was just sort of lying there, other people were coming in and I got talking with this other girl, and she told me I should stay for the next class, which was yoga. Taught by the same teacher. She said: "She's the best. People come from all over to take from her."

"All right," I said. The Buffalo Athletic Club is great! It is one-stop shopping. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. By now I feel as if I have moved in. I had ditched my sneakers and was padding around the place in socks. I went and got a drink of water and then came back to my mat. The teacher bossed everyone that we had to lose the socks and go barefoot. Well, I always prefer that anyway.

My great accomplishment was the Half Moon Pose.

I know, isn't this silly?

Satisfaction points I get from finishing chapter in Leonard Pennario book that is giving me trouble: 5.

From finding rare Pennario recording I never thought I would find: 10.

From finally getting draft of the book to editor: 15.

From doing Half Moon Pose: 50,000.

I might go back to yoga class. I do not think the Catholic Church would mind. I know in the past I have had my reservations about that. But I did hear a priest on Catholic Radio once saying that just doing yoga exercises was OK. I remember thinking darn, now I have no excuse!

Besides, I'm smart. They cannot hand me any New Age-y stuff and expect me to swallow it. This teacher did not do that anyway. All she did was kill us. So I think I am allowed. I think I will go back to her class.

One thing though: This will require a whole new wardrobe.

I want the pink outfit in the picture!


Bingles said...

As long as you're not doing any prayers or meditations... and just working out.. I say go for it!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Yeah, that's what I figure! Now watch, all these Hindu spirits will start tormenting me and I will have to go crying to Father Secondo...