Thursday, January 20, 2011

Table for one

Tonight I was at the gym doing a double dose of Zumba so Howard went to hear Jackie Jocko. I did not know he was going or I might have thrown over my second Zumba class. But anyway...

The upshot of this was, he ate at Jocko, and I got to cook what I wanted for myself when I got home.

That is a rare luxury!

There are things you cook for yourself and things you cook when you are cooking for your husband too. My sister Katie and I have agreed that without our husbands, we could totally be vegetarians. We would be completely happy roasting a squash for dinner, or making rice and beans, whatever.

So tonight I threw together this mushroom stew and had it over mashed potatoes. Yum!

Whereas if Howard were eating I would have to add a steak or something.

Even where meat is concerned there are some dinners that I eat only when I am by myself. One of my favorite such dinners is, I take chicken legs and I cook them up in an iron pot with greens and onions and carrots. It is pretty, with the orange and the green, but it is very sloppy and you kind of slurp it up. The last time I was cooking just for myself that is what I made.

Once I made that dinner for my mom. It was just us and I said, this is what I cook when I am alone. She loved it. Everyone loves it. But she said, I can see why you do not make this when anyone is around.

It is funny, there is a guy around and your eating habits change.

With Howard, he demanded bacon. I was suddenly bringing home the bacon -- AHAHAHAHAAA -- and having to learn to cook it up. Can you beat that? I was thinking, here I marry this Jewish guy and I have to learn to cook bacon. You could not make this stuff up.

I went to see Leonard Pennario, suddenly all I am eating is steak and hamburgers. That is what he ate so that was what I had to eat too. What is it with men and beef? It is as if that is what they are wired to eat and that is that.

On the bright side, if you gain weight while under the influence of these guys, there is someone to blame.

That is a good thing anyway!

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Prof. G said...

My wife has modified my eating habits. I used to say "It's not worth eating unless with every bite every artery screams in pain".