Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love my mom but she can get on my nerves, you know? It is funny how your mother knows how to get you. Even when she does not mean to get you.

That is supposed to be a picture above of a mother and daughter but it is not us, I will tell you that right now!

I was in a good mood heading over to my mom's because I had finished this story at work and then I had gone to hip-hop Zumba class and had a great time. But then I start telling my mom about my nieces, Rosie and Millie, coming over the other day. I was bragging about the fun we had baking and how they organized my vinyl records.

My mother said, "You know, this is time well spent."

"I know," I said happily. "It was fun seeing them. Plus who would have guessed I would have my records organized? All of a sudden I am enjoying what I have."

My mother said, "That's not what I mean."

Then she told me that I do not have any kids I would need my nieces to look after me in my old age!

Excuse me, could we just not talk about my old age?

It is not exactly a pick-me-upper!

Also I do not need it pointed out to me that I do not have kids. Which is fine with me, to be honest. It is why I get to go around devoting my attention to things like Schubert and Leonard Pennario and Zumba and Confession and how to cook a kohlrabi.

But what killed me was here I was enjoying my nieces' visit, and now my mother made it sound all mercenary. Here, Rosie and Millie, if you will look after me in my old age, you can bake pumpkin cookies with me.

Hmmm. The good news is, those pumpkin cookies are downstairs.

Comfort food!

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Prof. G said...

One of my real hot button issues is the guilt trip I've gotten over the years from so many relatives and acquaintances about my being childless by choice. The huge majority breed indiscriminately and so many of them are hostile to those who don't. I think I should be rewarded for not contributing to an overcrowded world. Also (for those who know me), rewarded for not projecting my noxious genes into the next generation. I wonder if there are support groups for us barren beasts...