Monday, November 22, 2010

A turkey of a day

Sunday was the last day you could buy turkeys at 39 cents a pound before Thanksgiving. Son of a pumpkin-roasting sea cook, I almost missed it! I had forgotten how close we are getting to the big day.

I rushed out and bought those turkeys, yes sirree.

That is correct, turkeys, plural. I bought two. One from Tops and one from Wegmans. Venturing into Wegmans on a Sunday is not easy because it is such a zoo but I did it.

I have found the secret to calm grocery shopping. I have figured out something that keeps me smiling the whole time I am in the store. No, it is not Leonard Pennario on the iPod, although if worse came to worst, it is there.

My secret is: I wear my Zumba clothes!

I went to church in the morning and came home and changed into my Zumba clothes and went to the gym. And when I came out of the gym I went shopping in them, my bright teal blue Zumba pants. It is just impossible to be in a crabby mood when you are walking around in bright blue Zumba pants, I am sorry.

I mean look. They are the exact pants pictured above! I had on a pink sweatshirt over my screaming yellow Zumba top but still.

At no time did any of my fellow shoppers in Tops or Wegmans comment on my Zumba pants. But a lot of people smiled at me. I think it was because I was smiling at them.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself and came home with a 21-pound turkey and a 22-pound turkey.

Rejoice with me!

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