Monday, October 25, 2010

One singular sensation

It is funny, I have all this stuff weighing on my mind but then I go to Zumba class and it goes away. Today I was thinking, it is like "A Chorus Line." "Life was beautiful, at the ballet."

Well, it is not exactly the ballet. Let us not be naive.

But it takes my mind off everything! Just trying to follow the steps. I have noticed that when I go at night, as I did tonight, I am not as apt to take instruction as I am earlier in the day. Sometimes I just forget about listening and I just dance.

I always emerge from the gym feeling better!

A fringe benefit is, I drink less wine. Whole evenings pass when I am not drinking wine because I am dancing in the gym. They have not fixed it yet so you can do both at the same time. I have my fingers crossed hoping that day will come but it has not come yet.

I also go to sleep faster at night so I can get up earlier in the morning and work.

When my book on Leonard Pennario comes out perhaps I should list in my acknowledgments Alberto Perez. He is the founder of Zumba! That is Alberto Perez pictured up above. I was disappointed when I saw what he looked like, to tell you the truth. I was somehow thinking he would be old. I was imagining this cool old Latin guy. Then I see this disco-y guy in pink sneakers. Oh well.

I think sometimes how Leonard would sneer at our Zumba music. There was one song downtown the other day I could not get over. Downtown is the tough Zumba, the hip-hop Zumba. This one song, and I use the term loosely, kept using the sound effects of sirens and breaking glass.

I am out shimmying to this breaking glass thinking, uh, this is not really something I should be doing.

Well, so what.

All's I know, as we say here in Buffalo...

All's I know is, I've lost 10 pounds.

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