Thursday, October 28, 2010

The City Hall Shuffle

Joking around about my Zumba class the other day I forgot to mention the funniest thing.

That was when we shook and shimmied our way through one number or other and the teacher afterwards rejoiced in how good we were. She reflects happily sometimes on how when we were new to the class most of us were afraid or unable to get into the spirit of things and now we are all like, "Hell, yeah!"

In this one dance, she said, we really had it going on.

"We could do this for the mayor!" she exulted.

Ha, ha! I cannot stop laughing about that!

Because there I am the next morning deep into my research on Leonard Pennario and it intrudes on my mind, the thought of all of us in our Zumba class shaking and shimmying for our mayor...

... Byron Brown.

Byron Brown always looks and acts so proper in his suit and everything, I cannot imagine the look on his face.

"We could do this for the mayor."


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