Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bag lady

Over the weekend I did all kinds of work but also all kinds of colorful shopping. I went to Radio Shack for a digital 'phone recorder because I have one more brief round of interviews left to do for the Leonard Pennario project, which otherwise is coming along swimmingly. I have been hobbled in recent weeks because my old recorder kicked and I am just not good with digital recorders. Howard will have to help me with this one.

So that was one place I went, Radio Shack. Also I went to Albrecht Discount shopping for my mom and I also bought luxuries for myself: German dark chocolate and Ginger Gold apples. That is the current apple of my eye! Last week it was Wealthy and this week it is Ginger Gold.

As long as I was on Sheridan Drive I went to the most exotic store in the world.

It is 99 Cent City!

Unlike most dollar stores 99 Cent City is not crowded. When I walked in I was the only one there. A few people trickled in after that but for a timeless time I had the place to myself.

It is run by Asians and is packed with stuff the way Asian stores are. Exotic things like bowls with covers, and fancy teacups, and a rainbow of colors of tissue paper and gift wrap.

I was in the gift wrap aisle looking at gift bags because it was my friend Michelle's birthday and I was on my way to drop off a gift bag at her house to surprise her for when she got home. I was going to include a few Ginger Gold apples and some of that chocolate from Aldi. I mean Albrecht Discount.

As I said 99 Cent City is run by Asians and this one woman stood and watched me as I weeded through the gift bags. Well, she stood around the corner a little but I kept catching her peeping at me.

Finally I turned and smiled and said, "I take a long time making up my mind."

She smiled and said: "Oh! Oh!"

And I went back to my searching for the perfect gift bag. Finally I found one I liked. I also got a candle to go in the gift bag. And a potholder and an oven mitt. It is fun assembling gift bags! This one was anchored on a cinnamon cookbook that I had already purchased and set aside for Michelle.

When I checked out there were no words exchanged between me and the clerk. It was most mysterious and exotic!

Why do people travel when there is 99 Cent City right here?

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