Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pork project

My ancestors were German and every once in a while it takes over. This is one of those times! Perhaps the rain and the chill have something to do with it.

It is weird when your ethnicity affects you! When I get an attack of German-ness what happens is I do things like eat cabbage and apples and listen to "The Magic Flute." Sometimes I also listen to Johannes Brahms, such as these beautiful waltzes, played on two pianos by Leonard Pennario.

Last night I went to Albrecht Discount and bought a pork loin roast.

I also bought a bar of dark chocolate from Germany and another bar from Austria. It is a well-kept secret about Aldi that you can get fine German chocolate there on the cheap. Howard will be one happy man because he loves it when I bring home this stuff.

I put the pork in the Crock Pot with a load of apples and a chopped-up onion. And the apples are not just any apples. They are Wealthy apples!

Above is a picture of a wealthy pig and here is a picture of a Wealthy apple.

Wealthy apples are not exactly German but I Googled them and found they come from Minnesota where it seems they are kind of an heirloom variety. So they are German by association! Last week at the Broadway Market I picked up a bag of them and got hooked! They are green and red and crisp and tart.

Subsequently I went to the Clinton-Bailey Market and picked up a half bushel. Nothing in moderation, that is my motto!

Tonight, a pork roast.

That is one way to get through a rainy day!


sally said...

Mary, sorry to see some of your posts were pulled-we might not agree on everything, but I enjoy your take on things. Also, you are always referred to as a great facebooker (did I just make up that term-prop not), but I can't find you under the many names I tried-please, please won't you be my friend-I need more of your style and humor.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Sally, are you still out there? I didn't see this message a long time ago. I am on Facebook under Mary Kunz Goldman. Are we friends yet? You probably won't see this but I am trying anyway. Your comment was so sweet. A very belated thank you.