Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time capsule

Howard is coveting a truck he saw on eBay.

It is that truck pictured above!

Isn't that a riot? All I could think of was Laurel and Hardy. Even though I know, the truck is 1949 so that technically makes it too young to be prime Laurel and Hardy vintage.

It reminded me of the dump truck in that classic Laurel and Hardy clip where Ollie asks Stan to move the dump truck. I am a Laurel and Hardy fan from way back. Once in the days before VCRs my sister and I got up at 4 a.m. to watch "Sons of the Desert." I am not exactly proud of my Laurel and Hardy fanaticism except I have to say this, it helped get me into this thing with Leonard Pennario. Pennario loved that I loved Laurel and Hardy and could discuss them competently. He felt about them the way I do, that they were the funniest of anyone.

I went on YouTube to look for the Laurel and Hardy dump truck sequence. Ha, ha! Research today is so easy. You can be an idiot and do it. All I did was type "Laurel Hardy Dump Truck."

And here it is! The guy who posted it could not spell but still.

Yesterday Howard and I watched it and I started crying I was laughing so hard. There is so much that is great about it. The foggy look on Stan's face. The chirpy music. The noise of the dump truck.

Also it is funny back then how free they are with the cars. At the start you can hear them hitting the car behind them, this classic 1920s car. And the idea that if the truck driver wasn't there you could move the truck yourself. Ha, ha! That is not an idea you would get now.

All this because Howard found that truck on eBay.

The clip is only a minute and a half long. Take time out of your busy day to watch it.

After that listen to Pennario playing Chopin's "Minute Waltz" and then get this Laurel and Hardy-era take on the "Minute Waltz" here.

Too funny.

A great era.

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Prof. G said...

A friend's favorite L & H moment is when the boys are out camping. When the subject of food comes up, Ollie says "What do you say to a nice plate of beans and a steaming hot cup of coffee?" Stan replies, in his inimitable delivery, "You certainly know how to plan a meal." This friend is used to gourmet cooking, and uses that line a lot.