Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hell's radio station

In between researching Leonard Pennario I am trying to get news of the Pope's visit to Britain. And all I get are these one-sided negative reports.

"Not everyone is happy with the Pope's visit to England!" That was how CBS started its report today. I hate CBS News. I wish they would drive into a pothole and not be able to drive out again. That is what happened to a friend of my brother George's and I wish it would happen to CBS.

CBS went on to quote some protesters and that was the end of its story. Nothing about the crowds that have turned out for the Pope. Nothing about the historic implications of this visit. Nothing.

Yesterday I got the same kind of report from CBS that began bitterly and ended with a reference to "this Pope who does not have the rock star appeal of his predecessor."



Do not expect to be watching or listening to CBS News in the hereafter is all I can say.

Howard and I did manage to catch a little bit of the Pope's visit on Fox News and they showed the snazzy new Popemobile.

Isn't that great? We love it.

Howard says we should get one for Ron Moss.

So he can drive around in it and people can cheer him.

Perhaps in the next Dyngus Day Parade.

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