Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Zut alors, no picture today. The Blogger site has been acting funny recently and today I cannot get the "Insert Image" thing to work. Son of a sea cook and alors.

Every time you think you get used to this site they change it. Will they just leave it alone?

Well, other than that the morning is going well. Last night after writing what I did about my dreams, I slept like a stone!

So did Howard! Was it the barometric pressure or what? Neither of us awoke during the night for as much as one second. We were down for the count.

I wonder if it was my evening Zumba-ing. After work I went to my mom's as usual and after that I rushed out into the drizzly night and went to Zumba class. It is funny going to the gym after having a glass of wine but you know what, people have no problem dancing at a nightclub while drinking all kinds of drinks. So I said what the heck.

I had a blast at the gym. This is the Colvin Buffalo Athletic Club, the BAC for Women. My friend Nicole was telling me how much fun their Zumba classes are in the winter when it gets dark at 5 p.m. As I may have said before, that is my favorite time of year, and it is fast approaching. But it is not Nicole's favorite time, and she said what saved her sanity was this evening Zumba class.

"It's all brightly lit up and everyone's in there dancing and having this great time," she told me.

That is the truth!

I even got special praise from the teacher because she had stopped dancing to take a drink of water or something and everyone else in the class stopped too but there I was, in my bright blue Zumba pants and screaming red tank top, still dancing uninhibitedly. Ha, ha! It does not matter how old you get, you always love special praise from the teacher.

Leonard Pennario told me how much he loved getting gold stars from his teacher when he was a kid. And I do, too! We all do if we are honest with ourselves.

So all that is why I slept like the dead.

I still do not know whether I am ready to tackle this Tuesday. All other things being equal, I still wish it were Saturday or Sunday I was going to garage sales or Latin Mass instead of to work. Oh well.

At least I am awake!

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