Monday, September 27, 2010

Then I woke up

Wow, this has been a long day! And it started out in a terrible Monday morning way.

Don't you hate when you dream of something you like and then you wake up and it's gone?

Without going into big detail or anything, I was dreaming two things. One was that I was going to interview Beethoven. Perhaps you have wondered what music, ahem, critics dream about. This is what!

In my dream Beethoven was coming to Kleinhans Music Hall because we were doing his "Eroica" Symphony. I was saying to my friends, "I think I will go and say hello to him. He'll like me," I said. Which is the truth. Beethoven would like me!

But it is so funny that I could buy into the fiction that Beethoven was still alive. I mean, in my dreams I have a lot on the ball. If I dream I give someone my cell phone number, it is my actual cell phone number. I carry that number into my dreams. I always have pieces of music correctly identified. I even remember Zumba songs and which steps go with them.

Somehow all this extraneous stuff is in order in my brain, but I can buy that Beethoven did not die, that he is alive and I am going to interview him. In my dream he was kind of forgotten. I was saying, "It's funny no one is sitting him down and talking to him. I would like to do that and he will like me and let me do it."

It seems that in my dream Beethoven was standing in for Leonard Pennario. I have been working on that project pretty intensively recently and this dream situation mirrored that one.

So that was one thing I was dreaming, big plans to move in on Beethoven and write a book. The other thing was that Howard was buying a Great Dane puppy!

You would have thought it would have been a St. Bernard. Because there was the movie about the St. Bernard named Beethoven. That would have tied the dreams together.

But no, it was a Great Dane. That was fine with me. I love Great Danes. I always pictured one sitting in front of the fireplace and I could not get over Howard's good taste that he had selected that breed. Also I was curious in my dream, as I am in real life, as to what a baby Great Dane looks like. They are such wild looking dogs, with their long legs. So I was looking forward to seeing this puppy and playing with it.

La la la la la la la.

Then I woke up.

The first thing I realized was, I was not going to be bouncing up to Beethoven and introducing myself any time soon. Beethoven has been dead since 1827.

No Beethoven!

And then....

No puppy!

No fair!

Not only that but it was Monday.

A heck of a way to start the week!


Unknown said...

And I thought MY Monday was bad!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Hahahaha! Thank you for the sympathy, Jim!