Thursday, September 9, 2010

The morning's big question

Mystery of the morning:

Why is it that you can make your coffee exactly the same way every day -- same brand, same measurements, same method -- and you can keep your coffeemaker impeccably cleaned and maintained, and still ... and still ....

... your coffee can taste great one day and the next day taste like the free stuff they give you in the lobby of Motel 6?

That is what I am wondering this morning.

Naturally this morning my coffee tastes like Motel 6, or else I would not be mentioning this.

It is so frustrating! I found myself thinking about Beethoven. Beethoven used to count out his coffee beans before grinding them. He knew the exact number of beans he needed to get that coffee not tasting like Motel 6. Which, I used to think that was coffee fanaticism, but now I understand.

Perhaps I will start counting my coffee beans too! I should look up how many Beethoven used and start with that number.

Then again maybe how your coffee tastes has something to do with how you are feeling. Kind of like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, coffee is in the palate of the taster.

I did sleep lastnight but I was tossing and turning. I think about politics a lot. The world worries me and sometimes it intrudes on my dreams.

Also I have a story on my brain that I am working on for work. Without getting into too much detail, because who wants to hear about work, it was a story I suggested and that I thought would be fun.

Beware of those stories!

Nothing is ever fun!

This story has quietly turned into a pain. The opportunities to work on it did not pan out as expected and people are not calling me back and now I wish I had never mentioned it.

That is funny, how that works out. The things you think will be fun wind up being a pain and the things you think will be a pain, well, usually they are, but sometimes they are not. I will always remember the morning I got the note telling me Leonard Pennario was coming here and I should talk to him. I remember thinking: Now this.

Now look!

So I guess you never know.

A day sometimes surprises you too. The days that start out badly often end up well. I have noticed that. Unfortunately it works in reverse too.

On the bright side that kind of makes the morning exciting.

Though I do wish my coffee had not tasted like Motel 6.

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Unknown said...

I've had that problem with my morning coffee too. What I do is keep different flavors around, Folger's Black Silk one morning, Maxwell House French roast etc the next. Maybe it's related to whatever wine I was sipping the night before!