Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brushes with greatness

Howard and I and our friend Shane Brother Shane, the famous deejay, went tonight to hear Jackie Jocko down at the Hyatt. Shane is back in town and he is keeping a low profile but we were able to lure him out. The lounge was kind of dark so not many people could see he was there.

We all took turns sitting on the bench with Jocko. Above is a picture of Shane in that exalted seat.

When Shane was sitting with him Jocko said, "Shane, you are in your own world."

Shane said, "Jocko, you are too."

That is the truth!

When I was sitting with Jocko...

... Jocko asked something about maybe writing a book about Shane.

I said, "No, Jocko, I am already writing a book about Leonard Pennario!"

One of these Type A alpha males is enough for me, thank you very much!

Speaking of alpha males here is Howard earlier in the day in a meeting with Shane.

You just look at that picture and you know important things are going on!

Take a good look at me in those pictures up above because they show my new haircut. I got it cut today while my car was being inspected. Both events had been woefully put off. I was overdue for my haircut and my car was overdue on its inspection.

Howard gets impatient because I forgot to get the new tires on the car. I did remember to get the lube and the oil change but the tires, I totally forgot that. However, I did remember to get my hair cut! This girl named Samantha who cut my hair took over an hour just blow-drying it.

When I got back to the office my friend Jane said, "It won't look that way tomorrow."

I said, "Jane, I know."

But for today it looked good. For our meeting with Jocko!

And with Shane.

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