Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In the headlines

Just now I picked up the paper -- well, two papers, The Buffalo News and the Wall Street Journal. I work at The Buffalo News which is why I capitalize its "the" but not the "the" in the Journal.

There are so many fascinating stories to follow these days!

Yesterday my brother George and I were walking around the park talking about it, how many stories we are glued to.

There is the Pope's visit to Great Britain. I prefer writing Great Britain and not United Kingdom which to me sounds like a theme park. I think that happens this week. He hits Scotland first. I am looking forward to this because I am in love with pomp and pageantry.

There is our New York State gubernatorial race. It is a lot of fun for Buffalo because we have our local tycoon Carl Paladino challenging the Albany status quo. It looks as if he will get the Republican nomination away from Rick Lazio who has refused to debate him. Then he will take on "Prince Andrew" Cuomo and all I can say is, hey, you never know.

This is all very exciting! Above is a scene from this race.

There is also the alleged City Grill shooter, the man accused of shooting eight people and killing four outside a downtown Buffalo nightclub, declaring, "Oh no, I didn't do it."

If I were not so into my book on Leonard Pennario it would be hard to concentrate on it, I will tell you that right now.

You could not make this stuff up!

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