Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a dump

Above is a truck Howard is thinking of buying. It is a Scout dump truck!

"I can take stuff to the dumps with it," he says. "I can use it as a Dumpster."

I cannot wait until he buys it so I can dump the whole contents of the house into it. OK, I will keep the piano and all my Leonard Pennario stuff. Other than that, though, go at it, Boy-O.

We can hook one of those construction tubes right on up to the front window of the upstairs bedroom. I can start by dumping in all the clothes I do not like. Then I can move on to the furniture.

Imagine how that would feel!

And the space left over in the dump, we can fill up with bishop's weed from the garden.

Then I can buy all new stuff at estate sales and use the Scout dumper to bring it on home.

At last, a viable plan for my life!

Though I really think he should go all the way and buy this.

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