Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday in the parking lot at Budwey's

 This morning I went to Mass and then to Zumba and then to Budwey's. Each one was a total shock after what had come before. The greatest transition was Mass to Zumba. Because one minute there I was kneeling and praying and wearing my mantilla and the next there I am shaking and shimmying. Well, it was all girls in the class. I am sure that God smiles on it.

Above is a cool hot rod that was parked next to me in the Budwey's lot when I came out of the store.

Isn't that ravishing Buffalo architecture across the street? Kenmore Avenue, you cannot beat it. Here is a view that lets you see it better. Plus, I love the look of the back of that car. It is like a refrigerator!

At Budwey's they had corn for 19 cents each and that is the cheapest I do believe that you will find it anywhere. There was a whole bunch of people standing around the corn shucking it and this is funny, this one guy walks up and says, "Oh, so here's where everyone is."

And everyone started yakking then as if we were old friends!

That is Buffalo! As Howard said, try using that line up in Toronto. Everyone would just stare at you. And all you would hear would be icy silence.

Anyway that was my day. Mass, Zumba, Budwey's. I am like this puppy that gets let out of my kennel once a day and that is it. I went home and worked, on matters Leonard Pennario. Do not feel sorry for me.

That is my idea of a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

There must be a good reason why people shuck their corn at the store rather than at home but I don't know what it is. Help!


Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Jim, it's because maybe one out of 1,000 ears has problems, wiggly rows of kernels, or something. So you have to check to make sure you do not wind up with that ear.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary for clearing that up. I kind of thought that could be the reason. Either that or no one wants the silk all over their kitchen.