Friday, August 20, 2010

The sex appeal toothpaste

Today I went to my favorite drugstore, CVS. And I bought 10 tubes of Ultra Brite!

It is to celebrate my teeth. Does anyone else remember back in the '70s, the slogan of Ultra Brite?

It was, "The Sex Appeal Toothpaste."

Not only am I celebrating my teeth but I am celebrating frugality. Ultra-Brite was 75 percent off at CVS. Each tube cost only 37 cents.

Howard and I were talking about it and agreed that these days you do not hear that phrase "sex appeal" anymore. And remember "sex symbol"?

You do not hear that either.

But the main thing is, I now have my house toothpaste. Other people have their house wine and I have one too. It is Gato Negro! But I have a house toothpaste and that is Ultra Brite.

The house pianist is Leonard Pennario and the house toothpaste is Ultra Brite.

That is me, a class act all the way.

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Larry said...

'All the way' is correct! Funny thing about that toothpaste. It must have been in my teens or 20s (40 years ago) the last time I used Ultra Bright and your post made the taste (good) of it pop right into my brain cell. Or maybe it just has something to do with the fact that I am now on day 8 of a 2 week fast (Master Cleanse) and weird things are happening, lol.

That Paganini Rhapsody is amazing!