Thursday, August 19, 2010

The summer scorecard

Alors, I am behind again with my Web log!

And with my laundry.

And with my summer!

It is funny how summer turns into a scorecard.

Times swimming at the beach: 0.

Vacations: 0.

Trips out of town: 0. I keep thinking of making a road trip to the International Piano Archives to look at what they have on Leonard Pennario -- I know, nerd! -- but I have not done that yet.

Hours spent in hammock: 0. That woman in the picture above, that is not me!

Yesterday my friend Charlie at the office was grilling me about my summer activities. He asked if I had been on vacation and I said no. He asked if Howard had taken me anywhere and I said no.

Then he asked if I had been doing anything exciting and I said yes.To me working on the book is exciting! And that is what I have been doing. That and dancing in the gym. Early on I decided that would be my summer. I would not get a tan, sure, but it would be fun.

Here is something that kills me. People act that because summer arrives or leaves, my life changes. It does not! I am not a student or a teacher, ergo, September is pretty much like August.

"We are all ready for structure again in our lives." I read that in some coming-of-fall story.

I am thinking, hello! My job did not call me up just because summer is here and say, "You know what, Mary? Kick back."

I have had structure in my life all along!


Larry said...

It sure would be nice if you *could* take a little break. Maybe you could listen to the fantastic PENNARIO/PAGANINI RHAPSODY, lol. Good LP link today. I do love that piece.

Unknown said...

Pay no attention to those people
Mary. They are just jealous
because you are writing the
authorized biography of
Leonard Pennario and they aren't!