Thursday, August 5, 2010

What will people say?

Do you ever wonder if someone were writing your biography, the people that person would call? I started worrying -- er, thinking -- about that just now.

I was taking a break in my Leonard Pennario labors and I had gone to pour myself a glass of Diet Squirt. I am starting to think I am going to have to mention Diet Squirt in my acknowledgments. Hmm, perhaps I should start drinking a pop with a more dignified name. Diet Squirt does just not sound right.

Well, whatever. En route to the kitchen I passed the hall mirror and I noticed what I was wearing, a funky striped tank top and shorts, because it's just too darn hot. And I thought, maybe I should wear this outfit to Zumba tonight.

Then I thought: What if someone ever writes a biography of me? They might get a hold of my Zumba teachers.

Ha, ha! I could imagine someone's triumph, decades from now, to have hunted down Renee, who teaches my downtown urban hip-hop Zumba class, or Ellery, or Mary, or Laurie over at the Boulevard. Because Zumba is to me what bridge was to Pennario, this silly thing you do to relax that takes up a lot of your time.

When my adoring biographer calls up, Ellery or Renee or Mary or Laurie from over at the Boulevard will say: "She really loved to Zumba. She did it every day! Sometimes she went to two or three classes!" It is true. Once last week I went to three. Well, that was a long story. Normally I do not budget time for that.

And just the way Leonard's old bridge buddies laugh about him, my Zumba teachers will laugh about me. "She never really got it together with it, I mean, she did not have the makings of a great Zumba dancer," they will say. Just the way Leonard did not have the makings of a great bridge player.

"And she always wore the funniest clothes!" That was what got me onto this train of thought, that I was considering wearing these random goofy clothes I am wearing right now to Zumba.

The odd things that cross your mind over the course of the day.

Another thing, please check out this hot new Pennario link -- he is playing this Spanish-style piece I love by Moritz Moszkowski. What a seductive performance.

OK, enough kicking it around.

Back to work!


Larry said...

I bet you are really good at Zumba, lol. For sure, you are good for the class! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Mary. Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to your biography.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, believe me, I'm not good at Zumba, but I think you're right, I am good for the class. You are so nice. thanks!!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Jim, thanks for the good wishes! I can always use them!

Dancin Mary said...

No Mary- This Mary would tell them that she danced from her heart and that's why her smile would light up the whole room while she was in Zumba. (PS you need a pair of poledancer stripper pants)

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Mary, you kill me -- thank you so much!!! Your class is one of my favorite hours in the whole week. Also ... I should get those pants. That would really give posterity something to talk about.

Larry said...

Mary K. G., if you were to do a pole dance, posterity would have even more to talk about! :)