Saturday, May 22, 2010

Space cadets

Howard has his fingers in a lot of pies and what he is doing right now is tracking WGRZ's weather balloon. Our TV station WGRZ, better known as Channel 2, is sending a weather balloon half way to space and Howard is lending them the technology to track it. There he is above teaching schoolchildren about the technology. I took the picture from WGRZ's Web site.

What if the balloon vanishes into space and is lost? That is something to consider.

What if it just keeps going?

Here is another question. You know how everyone is always wondering if we will find intelligent life in space? We are humble here on Earth and we always assume these beings will be smarter than we are.

Here is something I heard on Catholic Radio. "What if we find other beings in outer space and they are really stupid?"

Ha, ha! What do you want to bet?

They will embrace our earthly culture of backwards baseball caps and pants halfway down their butts. And then we will have twice as many of those people as we have now!

No one out there on that distant planet will be interested in Mozart or Leonard Pennario or Art Tatum or ... here is a name we have not mentioned in a while ... Camille Pissaro.

No, they will be stupid!

They will want to do what I did all day today and sit around and play Pac-Man. Has anyone else been taking advantage of Google's free Pac-Man? Howard is sitting here trying to work on his weather balloon technology and I just made him sit through me playing the game twice, complete with arcade music and those crazy sirens. I had forgotten all those noises!

Back to Howard and his space balloon. You can get in on the fun by going to his Web site where you will see the countdown to liftoff. Then you click on "Click to View Live."

It is dizzying what Howard can accomplish.

With me sitting here playing Pac-Man.


Al said...

What an interesting and funny @ the alien storyline. Thanks for sharing.

Larry said...

As for Google, I was forced to incorporate script blocking for the page in order to maintain my facsimile of sanity. Thank goodness for NoScript!

I clicked through the balloon links and found it all very interesting. Especially the one (page) with a photo of Howard running down the street. That must be part of the Plan-B tracking? What if it lands on the back of a semi headed for Norfolk here? Howard will lose a lot of weight by the time he gets here! :)

The martians may already be here - dressed as you say!