Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fighting words

There is all this talk about Barack Obama's visit to Buffalo and where he will go and what he will eat. You know what, I care not.

What I care about is my dentist situation. After conferring yesterday with my ortho and his wife I have decided I am going to call my dentist's office and either get transferred back to the dentist whose patient I actually am, or to seek another dentist. On account of this is ridiculous.

"On account of." I should not write that. That is a phrase my friend Michelle W. and I say as a joke but I have to watch it.

On account of once I said it to Van Cliburn! And he stared at me. I always remember that. That was two weeks before I met Leonard Pennario, was when I said "on account of" to Van Cliburn.

Look at my grammar, eeek! Obama being in town has thrown off the magnetic fields or something.

Back to my dentist. There are battles you have to fight in life and this is one. It is funny, it has me thinking of how many little battles you fight in the course of your normal life. Nothing is easy.

This reminds me of walking into restaurants. I found myself thinking of that as I assessed this dentist situation. Whenever you walk into a restaurant the whole place can be empty and still they try to seat you at the worst table they have.

Has anyone else noticed that? Maybe it is just me.

Whenever I walk into a restaurant some radar must go off in the head of whatever kid is seating people. Because they always lead me to the worst table. They must be trained to do that. What the heck, must be the reasoning. Most people are nice and will not argue. Then they have that undesirable table occupied and they can seat other people somewhere else.

It is so predictable! Sometimes I actually find it stressful walking into restaurants because I know I am going to have this fight on my hands. It just happened last week at the Pearl Street Brewery. The kid tried to seat our, ahem, party at this table right by the waiters' station, with waiters coming and going and silverware crashing and plates banging around, I mean inches next to what would have been my seat.

I asked if we could sit across the way and the slug shrugged and said OK and walked away. She had given it the old college try. They always do!

Ha, ha! I am thinking how funny it would be if Barack Obama happened to have lunch at the Pearl Street today and they did that to him.

They probably would!

But me, I fight back at restaurants and now I will fight back at the dentist, too.

We must all fight to take control of our lives!


Prof G. said...

Off with their heads, said the Duchess!

Larry said...

I only hope that he eats a nice Salmonella salad with Clostridium dressing wherever he eats.

My dentist ruined my mouth years ago and I just stopped going to any of them. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

How about when there are a whole slew of empty tables and only one that is occupied. Where do they seat you? Why right next to the occupied one of course!