Friday, April 16, 2010

Message from beyond

It is funny how these robots on the Internet pitch stuff at you.

On Facebook the thing has been throwing dead people up at me and telling me to correspond with them. For instance the other day it tossed up a picture of Chu Nero, who is this jazz pianist I was friends with and he died.

"Share the latest news!" Facebook chirped.

Um, I don't think so, you know?

I hate to say this but I am afraid Chu is beyond hearing my latest news.

What happened today was great too. I was at work and I get this email from Amazon. Amazon keeps track of me as a customer and as a person and sometimes the site suggests things for me.

"Here is something you would like!" Amazon trumpeted, in my work email.

Guess what it was? "Leonard Pennario: The Early Years."

Ha, ha!

I guess so!

These robots, sometimes they can just read your mind.


Christopher Byrd said...

I've read some articles that suggest while preparing for the eventuality of deaths, one should leave behind instructions on how to handle their cyber life once gone. I haven't done, but I guess I should.

As for you, Howard would probably continue posting for you.

Larry said...

Leave it to the haints!