Saturday, April 17, 2010

House of history

I went to an estate sale yesterday in Eggertsville with my mom. It had the coolest bathroom! The bathroom looked straight out of the 1930s. There was a tiled arch over the tub which is visible on the left.

The sink was this pedestal sink. That is me in the mirror surreptitiously taking the picture! Well, I am becoming less and less embarrassed about taking pictures at estate sales. Most people get a kick out of it when they catch me doing that.

In the mirror if you click on the picture you will be able to see more details. You will be able to see in my orange bag the edge of a 1930s bread box I scored in the basement.

Here is a closeup of the arch.

How much for the arch? I would have liked to have taken that home with me!

In the basement was this Xerox copier which was absolutely immovable. My brother George told me to try to budge it. I could not! You could not imagine how heavy that thing was.

There was a marvelous ancient boiler!

Isn't that wonderful? It appeared to be still in use. Howard has sparked my interest in boilers.

And there was this incinerator.

That incinerator was made in Buffalo like Leonard Pennario and it is quality. You can tell right off the bat which is the case with Pennario's playing too.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my purchases.

There are some goodies!


Edmund said...

You would have loved my Great Aunt's bathroom on Fairlawn in Amherst/Eggertsville/Snyder. It was the same color scheme, but reversed. It wasn't tile either, it was big sheets of 30's.

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Mary's and now live with my partner in the house Edmund refers to. It's a great house -- and fabulous bathroom. Mary's been at our house several times -- maybe next time I will let her snap some shots of the bathroom -- the colors are teal, pink and black -- for posting here.


Larry said...

Reminds me of the time Howard crawled through the ashes, you know?