Wednesday, April 7, 2010



It is hard to equal the excitement of Dyngus Day but would you believe it, we have done it:

Howard's building, Big Blue, was featured in artwork at Nichols School!

I walked down the block with my friend Lizzie last night to the Flickinger Performing Arts Center to hear Chanticleer. They are a singing group from San Francisco. Wow, I was just having fun writing today in my massive and fascinating Pennario biography about Leonard Pennario playing in San Francisco, with the conductor Pierre Monteux, how about that? Plus my brother George just flew back from San Francisco.

My life is suddenly all about San Francisco!

Back to Big Blue. Lizzie and I were wandering around on break looking at pictures and we saw the picture up above. We stopped, agog.

That is Big Blue in the middle! In the exact center of the picture. I have taken art classes so I know that must mean something, that Big Blue is exactly in the center of this cityscape. Surely the artist intended some symbolism.

Here is an un-retouched picture of Big Blue if you need to be reminded what it looks like. I do not have to be reminded, I will tell you that right now.

In the picture at the top, the artist elongated the building somewhat, giving it even greater importance. I love that.

Art imitates life!

Life imitates Big Blue!

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