Monday, March 22, 2010

Appetite for apps

I have been having fun with my new i-Phone, choosing apps. I like to horse around with them but mostly I like them for their pretty little logos. They are like Girl Scout badges! Does anyone else remember being in Girl Scouts and earning badges? That was all I liked about being in Girl Scouts.

Those are a bunch of apps pictured above so the non-initiated can see and admire. I must collect them all!

Already I have the Tweet Deck app which is a bird on a yellow background. And the Lose It! App which is an orange scale. The Lose It! App lets you enter in what you eat and it counts up your calories for you.

I also got the Facebook App, a cute F on a blue background, and the Pandora Radio App, a classy blue and white. Pandora Radio has Leonard Pennario which is why I chose that app.

App. I just love that word.

I also got the 101 Yoga Poses App. It gives you all these yoga poses so if you are stuck somewhere you can always choose one and do it. And the Exercise TV App. I have not yet explored that one but it is supposed to offer you 45-minute workouts.

These are all free apps. The pay apps are only a dollar or two but it would ruin the game, paying for apps.

So that makes five apps I downloaded today. Anyone have any others to recommend?

They must be free!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Try The Weather Channel app along with the WIVB news app.

Jim Easton

Larry said...

Sorry, Mary. I do not even know what an iphone is, lol!