Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventure at the endodontist

Zut alors, I have so many dental specialists peering into my mouth that my mind is scrambled. Yesterday I could not remember what specialist I was going to see. I had to look in the phone book and find out. Oh, right. The endodontist.

I had to go and see if he recommended a root canal to be piggybacked with this cavity I just had filled. Piggybacked is not the correct term but I cannot think of the correct term. You get the idea.

So I am sitting in the waiting room reading People magazine. I am behind with People, you know? Half the celebrities I have not heard of and ones I have heard of, I am aghast at how old they are getting. While I am reading People, the nurse calls me over.

They are asking if I have X-rays. And I do! They are in a small white envelope stuck in my wallet and I know where they are.

So I hand over my white envelope. And I go back to reading People. What is with all these actors named Gyllenhaal? Are they brothers and sisters or what?

The nurse then interrupted me. She was holding the envelope. "Excuse me," she said.

How she managed to keep a straight face while saying what she said next is a mystery to me.

She said, "You were supposed to give us your X-rays. You gave us your gift certificate to Fat Bob's."

Ahahahahahahahaa! Only in Buffalo!

Only in Buffalo would that happen to you and only in Buffalo would they inform you of your error with a straight face. Well, at least they were honest. Otherwise I would have gone to Fat Bob's and handed them the envelope with my X-rays and they would have scratched their heads in wonder.

Note to out-of-towners: Fat Bob's Smokehouse is a New Orleans restaurant in Buffalo. It has the greatest macaroni and cheese. Here is a sandwich from Fat Bob's.

Yum! Leonard Pennario would have liked that place and I do, too.

After a massive purse search I did find my X-rays. I mean, I am already the most X-rayed woman on earth, so a few more would not have made any difference. But I probably saved a few pennies.

And here is what else is great: The endo told me I probably would not need the root canal. We are going to toss the dice and hope I do not. In which case, no big deal. Besides, it probably will not come to that. I am lucky when it comes to my teeth.

Not so lucky when it comes to my chaotic wallet.


Larry said...

What an awesome looking sandwich! I bet 'Fat Bob' had a few of those!

Michael said...

Food that feeds the palate and the soul. Tis a good thing

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Mary Kunz Goldman said...

It is an honor to hear from an endodontist! Thank you, Dr. Subramanian!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

By the way, I share everyone's awe of that sandwich.