Thursday, January 14, 2010

Woman Wine Laptop

I just realized that Eduard Kunz de-friended me on Facebook. He was the pianist who was a contestant in the last Van Cliburn Competition. Eduard Kunz is from Siberia. I friended him because of his name and explained I was the music critic in Buffalo and I sent him a few jokey messages of encouragement. That was it! I was never a pain! But he de-friended me.

Why would a pianist who is 28 and want a career de-friend a music journalist who is nice to him? It is not as if I hold the keys to anyone's career in my hot little hands but still. You would think, all other things being equal, keep me on the rolls, you know?

I hope when I wrote about him I was not obnoxious! I did not think I was.

Here is a picture of Eduard Kunz reflecting on my Facebook friendship and is deciding it is not worth it.

Things like this mystify me!

Generally if you are "de-friended" you can understand why. For instance I was dropped by that British editor named Toby Harnden I wrote about that one time. I bet I know why that happened. I was new on Twitter and I looked for him and followed him. Then he was the kind of Twitter person who twittered constantly, from whatever press conference he was at. I found them interesting but I was thinking I should use Twitter just for music purposes and they were gumming things up.

So while I was trying to figure this out I "un-followed" him and "followed" him several times, twice or three times. As I said I was new on Twitter and now I see what was happening was, he was getting emails whenever I dumped him and put him back. Ha, ha! Zut alors! So, OK, I can see why Toby Harnden "de-friended" me. That is one of those situations where you want to apologize and explain but anything you say will make it worse so I just left it.

But Eduard Kunz? I do not understand that.

Here in Buffalo everyone friends everyone. It is perfectly normal to get a friendship request to someone you do not know and have never heard of. But you always hit "confirm." It is just what is done here.

You never ask anyone: "Excuse me, where do I know you from?"

Oh, well, it is of no moment. It is time for today's topic. Today's topic is not Eduard Kunz.

It is dumb ads featuring laptops!

That is a goodie at the top of the page. Who in the world has ever used a laptop like that! At the end of a dock. That is tremendous.

Here is another annoying laptop picture.

I tried using my laptop like that in California for the first few days when I was there with Leonard Pennario and I am telling you this, you quickly get sick of using a laptop like that.

Another laptop pic.

You do not use laptops the way these people are using them. You do not. Maybe Eduard Kunz does! But normal people do not.

Now, this I could see.

I love how this picture was identified on the Internet: WomanWineLaptop. Hahahahahaa!!

That should be the name of my Web log.


Larry said...

Wine, Larry, Laptop... I tried that back in my drinking days. I had a big problem though. The wine was Mogen David (MD 20/20), fortified to the moon! The problem was that it was not giving me 20/20 vision as expected. Even by the end of the second bottle. And I could not see the computer. In fact, I had to close one eye to keep from seeing three of everything! Seeing double is bad enough but three? Gimme a break. When I drove home, I just assumed the 'center' image was the real one and hoped for the best. But the point is, the wine did not work too well for me. Later, I tried some Old Bourbon Hollow, 100 proof TN sour mash to see if that could help the problem of 'drinking while breathing'. But, I cannot remember what happened.

Larry said...

Oops! I meant to say that your tale of Mr. Kunz reminded me of a cool Chinese pianist that played long ago. I especially liked his versions of some Mozart and, post some of it on my YT channel. His name is Fou Ts'ong.

BTW, maybe Mr. Kunz has a jealous lady that made him do it?

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, you have the best stories. I want some Old Bourbon Hollow!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary i defriended you because of posting pictures from my page which supposed to be for a friends only. i found it wrong. that is why. it's a pity you did not get it. and also it is strange you make everything public.