Friday, January 15, 2010

Cleaning house

There is great upheaval in the house because I am to play host the office cooking club. That is a group of six people from the office in addition to their guests.

Larry has been here twice this week helping to clean. Remember Larry? He is the Robo-Cleaner.

Howard took pictures of Larry when he was here today. Larry vacuumed and cleaned the fridge and he polished all the wine glasses I had in the cabinet. Thank you Larry! Also he scrubbed the windows and he swept the floor and he polished up the handle of the big front door.

He polished up the handle so carefully that now I am the ruler of the Queen's Navy! Seriously, I am the talk of the office. People are asking me about my efforts to clean up my house.

"It's hopeless," I always say truthfully. "But I am trying."

This morning I was up early and before I worked on my book about Leonard Pennario and I cleaned out my kitchen shelves. It is funny how you feel you are accomplishing something dumb like that. By the time I sat down to do real work I had my head together and I felt out of the woods.

I tried to throw stuff out. I threw out a stack of old magazines I had gone through and cut recipes out of.


Now I see why I have the difficulties I do. The other day I had gone through a box of vinyl someone had given me. And I managed to weed out about 10 albums I did not want, that I could take to Goodwill.

This morning, here I am piously getting them together and putting them near the door. I picked up the top record. It was "101 Strings Play the Blues." I rolled my eyes and thought, that's right, these are the records I was giving away.

Then I stopped.

I thought: "101 Strings Play the Blues"???

How can I throw that out?

The album says it is in tribute to W.C. Handy.

That is classic, 101 Strings playing the blues in tribute to W.C. Handy! Who could dream that up? So back went that record onto the stacks of records I treasure.

Here is 101 Strings playing "The Days of Wine and Roses." In Spanish it is Orquestra 101 Cordas.

They have their own Wikipedia page. It says they were all male except for the harp player.


And yet another reason why when my office cooking club descends, I will not be ready.


Larry said...

101 Strings. Wow, haven't heard that since I was a kid, iirc. What you need to do with that Larry guy (not me) is chain him inside Big Blue with just enough slack to reach everything. Keep him supplied and fed and Viola! lol

OK, I am playing 'catch-up today for I was doing computer work all day yesterday. Gotta hit the 14th now. BTW, the trip to Appalachia has been postponed until the Spring.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, I'm so glad you put off your trip to Appalachia! One day all of us in this Web log community should gather at your old Kentucky home!

Larry said...

Yes, trade in your pianos for dulcimers, guitars, banjos, acoustic basses, dobros, fiddles, mandolins etc. and, we could sit on the porch in the holler, make Bluegrass music and, drink homemade whiskey that has no color. Check out the"Cumberland Gap National Historical Park" in KY. That is where the old home place originally was (my dad's). On Clinch Mt.