Thursday, January 21, 2010

My cooking show debut

Yesterday after the gym and talking to Maestro Russell Stanger about Leonard Pennario, I went down in the kitchen and began cooking dinner. And Howard showed up and shoved a camera in my face!

Howard found a site which lets you do live TV shows, free. And he wanted to test it. So we did an impromptu cooking show! He put the camera in my face and I talked. And luckily I was doing something fancy. I was roasting Cornish hens, which I never do. They were on sale somewhere. And I was roasting Honey Bear squash! So I got to talk about that.

I am used to Howard trying all this stuff. He always has some new idea. Almost always it is something high-minded. Last week I said, "Howard, this is like being married to King Arthur."

All I could picture was King Arthur telling Guinevere about all his ideas.

"A round table! Where all the knights would gather!"

Ha, ha! And you can just picture Guinevere yawning. Thinking: What about this new gown I am wearing? What about this wild boar I prepared? I thought it came out just perfectly and now all he wants to talk about is this round table and he does not even notice.

Luckily Howard's ideas are not generally as boring. The cooking show for instance was kind of fun.

You can view my new cooking show by clicking here. (Editor's note: We apologize for  having no audio for the first 30 seconds of the show.)


Prof. G said...

I notice you had a few chances to look at the camera and flash your brand new pearly straights. .Maybe it's time for a new formal portrait.

Anonymous said...

Great smile (teeth) Mary! You can get better quality recording on JTV..AAR

Larry said...

Really enjoyed the TV shows. It was awesome to see your lovely new smile and actually here you and Howard. There is another great site like that (when I have an account too) called It is excellent. Mary, you had better really be careful now and watch out for hubby and his cam, lol!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Thanks for all the nice words on my teeth! I wasn't thinking of it at all when I was smiling in the video. I was just smiling because I was nervous! You are all so nice.