Saturday, December 5, 2009

The other side of the mountain

To my ears comes news that they are refurbishing the toboggan chutes at Chestnut Ridge Park. Those are the chutes up above.

Who would ever have predicted this? These are tidings of great joy and I took two minutes out from my book on Leonard Pennario to call the Parks Department to verify them.

The Parks Commissioner has told me they will be reopening in January, he expects.

But achtung! We must use wooden toboggans.

Not plastic!

We wrote about these chutes last Christmas when I went sledding at my sister's. At that time Howard said he did not think they were in use any more.

Now look! It is all downhill from here. That is for sure!

Just to complete the yuletide ambience here is Howard as a Christmas elf. A friend of his posted this on his Facebook wall and I laughed till I cried.

Here is his cousin Ron Moss.

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Larry said...

Howard was cool, lol! Hey, why not just use your butt for a tobaggan? After all, those things look like slides to me.