Monday, November 9, 2009

Extreme rummage

Today I went with my mother to a rummage sale in Amherst. It was at Temple Beth Tzedek! I think I am spelling that right.

Tzedek is a word I love. And I have learned that Beth is Hebrew for "home of."

The sale at Beth Tzedek was like one of the wonders of the world. First there was this mob scene upstairs. There was a desk set up and you had to sign in. I used the name "Mary Goldman" so I would fit in. I have a variety of names that I use as I see fit.

You had to go down the stairs to the sale and you had to wait for them to call your number. I had never been to a sale like this! My mother and I stood there with our tickets and we waited, heart in mouth. That was when I saw the Finks! Those are our friends Ted and Dottie Fink. Dottie Fink is amazing. She is 95. And you would never know it. I tried to get Dottie Fink's attention but she was focused on the stairs because her number was about to be called. As I watched from the back of the crowd she was ushered forward and down she went.

Eventually we got to follow. What an experience that was!

There was this gigantic room crammed with tables full of stuff. And first you went down the hall of Lamps and Books. After you got into the main room there were other rooms off that. One of them had a sign, Designer Dresses. Then there was a whole room of designer purses, I think. I did not go in there. I prefer to stick with the main room full of the cheap stuff.

The first thing I did at Beth Tzedek was pick up a book of Schumann songs. For $1! It was there in the Hall of Books and Lamps. Here is a picture of my find.

Son of a sea cook, I see the Schumann songs are for high voice! I do not have a high voice. Anyone with a high voice want to come over and sing Schumann songs with me? I will have to have a Schumann song party.

After that the sale was kind of overwhelming ... for a long time it was just Schumann and me, wandering around, alone together.

But then when some time had passed we decided to add to our family. We added this purse. Teddy Fink found it! He was suggesting it for Dottie but she gave it to me. She said she had too many purses.

I ended up, God knows how, with a Lord & Taylor bag o'stuff.

Now I am home at Beth Goldman and I have been writing and writing away at my book. Zut alors, it is something like 900 pages and Leonard Pennario is only 34. I had dreams of this book being a movie but now I am pretty sure it will have to be a miniseries.

I almost forgot to write on my Web log! Then, and I am not kidding about this, I got an email from my parish priest.

He wondered where my Web log was!

Padre, this is for you!

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Larry said...

I, like the good priest, was wondering about that as well. We need yet another one today to be caught up, lol.

You really get me with all those sales. You must now have one of everything in the world, lol!

Wonderful celebration of Schumann!