Saturday, November 7, 2009

Feeling my oats

Today was a beautiful day so my mom and I went to Albrecht Discount. That is the full formal name for Aldi! We went to the Albrecht Discount in Transittown Plaza.

My mom got through the checkout first so she went and sat down while I was going through the line. It cracked me up when I looked up and saw her hoisted up on that shelf where you load your groceries. So I took her picture. That is my mother in the blue. Swinging her legs, waiting for me.

Here is a picture of my purchases. Observe the big silo of oats. Every time I stop by Albrecht Discount I have to buy one or two of those because Howard goes through oats like a horse.

It was a crisis at Albrecht Discount because some machine was broken and they could take only cash. Luckily I had a lot of cash. Plus, we had just been by Goodwill where there were no Leonard Pennario records, zut alors. So I had not spent my cash and I had it to buy that dandy Albrecht Discount stuff pictured above.

We also went to this icky estate sale on Eggert full of stuff relating to Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and they had old yuchy Playboy magazines too. The smart thing I did at that sale was, on the way out I stood between my mom and the sign that said, "More in the Garage." Because my mother would have wanted to go just to cover all the bases and whatever I did, I did not want to see what was in that garage, oh no no no no no no.


At Goodwill I have to confess ...

... I did the lamest thing. I bought a bunch of those Firestone Christmas records! On account of we would listen to them when I was little and I actually do not have them. I bought seven of them. Collect 'em all! With Rise Stevens, Jack Jones, Roberta Peters, Julie Andrews, Vic Damone, etc.

My mother laughed and laughed at me. But she stopped laughing when Goodwill gave me seven for the price of six. My mother does not laugh at bargains. Probably Goodwill could not believe someone was actually buying those records. I mean, they are everywhere.

There was also a Capitol record called "Welcome to Zitherland" which I have to say tempted me. But they were missing the jacket. Some day I will find it with its jacket and then I will buy it.

Wow, look at that link. The seller is asking $25 for it! Darn, maybe I should have bought "Welcome to Zitherland" jacket or no jacket.

I may never pass this way again!

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Larry said...

More and more, I find myself leaving here hungry, lol. Lovely pictures.

No telling what might have been in that garage. Maybe even some really antique playboys. But, why even bother with them? I bet if you were to put a bag over the date, it would be hard to tell their age anyway.