Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What the devil

Zut alors, alors, alors, I am in such a hurry what with the Leonard Pennario project, and trying to find something to wear now that we are into this in-between weather, and making out my shopping list for Aldi's, that I am almost out of time.

I am back to going to Aldi's! I will report what I get when I go. Right now I am looking at cornmeal and raisins and coffee. I love the Aldi's coffee. The brand is Beaumont.

But even though I am in a rush there is always time for a thought on the supernatural now that is the high-octane month of October. And here is today's:

Who knew there was an International Association of Exorcists?

I heard about this a while ago on Catholic Radio and ever since then I have been turning it over in my mind from time to time. Does anyone else out there in Blog-O-Land believe in the devil? I know I do!

This group has a newsletter too. While I was looking for the International Association of Exorcists the computer kept pointing me toward the International Association of Exorcists Newsletter. I wonder if you could give a gift subscription to someone. That would be an unusual gift!

Perhaps we will explore that newsletter, on another spooky morning.

1 comment:

Larry said...

To answer your question, I believe in the Devil, as I believe in the Bible. But to each, his own. Also, I do not care to dabble in haints!