Monday, October 5, 2009

Ghosts in the graveyard

Howard and I have the Surge going. We are getting the house in order. The Surge in Iraq worked and this one will too.

Yesterday Howard fixed the bathtub faucet which has dripped since the day I bought the house. He used an ancient wrench. This morning we were marveling at it not dripping. It is a sight to see!

Last night I took all the stuff off of the dining room table and removed the tablecloth and shook it out. A great accomplishment!

Larry Solomon ...

... is back today and I can hear him scraping away at something in the kitchen right now. Alas, Howard is mad because he says Larry threw away a fixture that goes with the tiles of the upstairs bathroom. Howard removed this fixture for some reason or other months ago and it kicked around ever since then and now it is gone.

Meaning, tonight I will have to do some Dumpster diving. I love how Dumpster is capitalized! It is like Realtor. Here is something to think about: Dumpster is capitalized whereas first lady ...

... is not.

That fixture is in the garbage somewhere and I will have to find it. I am not particularly worried however. As long as Larry does not throw out anything related to Leonard Pennario everything is A-OK with me.

I must away and run to work. Which brings me to today's supernatural story. On Friday in the office we were discussing the supernatural. And I figured something out.

I am the only person in the newsroom who has never seen a ghost!

I do not want to embarrass anyone by outing them as a ghost sighter. But here is what one editor told me.

She said that when she was in college her dorm faced out on a cemetery. One night she got up in the middle of the night. On her way back to bed she stopped and looked out the window.

And she saw figures!!

She saw ghostly figures in the cemetery but only for an instant. Almost as soon as they came into focus they disappeared.

She is a practical-minded person and she remembers looking at them and thinking, "OK, we are going to be here with each other for a year." Because that was how long she was in that dorm and she had just moved there.

Imagine, a year with these ghosts.

I do not know if I would have been as calm!


Larry said...

Well, the editor had little to worry about because haints do not ear too much...

Although I have never seen a haint, that I know of, I have seen UFOs. Does that count?

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, tell us about your UFO sightings!

Larry said...

Mary, that would be far beyond the scope of this blog.