Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One step forward

I went to get my car inspected and guess what?

It needed nothing!

It was fine!

That is a picture up above that I took while I was waiting. That is my car up on the lift! I was at the Goodyear Service Center on Transit Road.

What about A. Conger Goodyear? That is a Buffalo WASP name I have always loved. Here is a painting that is in New York's Museum of Modern Art that is from the A. Conger Goodyear Collection.

What about the Goodyear Mansion on Delaware Avenue? It was built for Charles Waterhouse Goodyear who married Ella Portia Conger, thus explaining that marvelous name A. Conger Goodyear. It is now the Oracle Charter School which is not as exciting as when it was the Goodyear Mansion.

Does anyone out there in Blog-O-Land know if Goodyear Tire and Rubber has anything to do with our Buffalo Goodyear family? It has to.

Yesterday at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. on Transit Road Howard thought I should sit there and wait because a year ago when I got my car inspected I went wandering around getting my hair cut and buying William Kapell records at Goodwill, and I ended up being charged thousands of dollars in repairs which, Howard doubted that they were necessary.

Yesterday, no such difficulties. Perhaps that was because I waited. Here is another picture I took while I was waiting.

Look at all those cones! They will never be through with Transit Road. It is like something out of the Bible.

One thing about the car, it still has its snow tires and I have to get those replaced by normal tires. I have to make an appointment to do that. Knowing me I will put it off long enough so it will be only a week before I have to put the snow tires on the car again.

Howard has been bugging me forever to get the snow tires off the car but when you are writing a book about Leonard Pennario there are just some things you cannot get around to doing, I am sorry. If Pennario were a normal pianist with a normal career I might be able to do that, but the situation being what it is, things like snow tires have to fall by the wayside.

Other things I cannot get around to doing include, but are not limited to: Laundry. Paying my water bill. Cleaning the bathtub. Oh, and paying my Verizon bill. Every day the Verizon robot calls me at 8 a.m. to nag me and still I cannot get to that.

I have, praise God, gotten around to: That dental surgery, now behind me! Chiro adjustment. I did that the other day. And the bottle-for-a-buck sale at Premier. As long as you can make that bottle-for-a-buck sale your life is not hopeless, is what I always say.

Because on the one hand your life is a mess but on the other you have enough wine in your house to sink a battleship.

How bad can things be?


Ryan said...

You were right near the Salvation Army that has the cheapest records in town, and you didn't stop in? I'm surprised.

I'm also wondering if it's worthwhile to remove your snow tires after waiting this long. There will be snow in less than three months!

Mrs. Smith said...

I'd keep the snow tires on, you never know!

Larry said...

Yeah, I agree with Ryan. Besides, if you wait until there is only one week to go to put them back on, to get them taken off, well, might as well just chunk the whole idea.

'Bottle for a buck', eh? Reminds me of my old drinking days. I think we had Boar's Head, Sly Fox, Ripple, Boone's Farm and Mad Dog 20/20 in that range. Seems like it would have gone up in those forty years though...

"Float a battleship", eh? Well, the stuff sure sank mine! lol

Larry said...

Agreed, again, Mrs. Smith. It is sort of like Christmas lights, in a way. Why bother taking them down when you know will just have to put them back again. Makes sense to me.

(But yall bare in mind, I am from Harlan, KY)

Michael said...

Don't know about the Goodyears. I know they were a big deal in the Akron, Ohio area, so family this way would make sense. Makes me remember my Grandfather who was the editor of the Beacon Journal. He was standing on his desk as a tire labor strike was ending and the paper misspelled tire. He was reading the staff the riot act about poor spelling looking even poorer in 72 pt type.

Budd Bailey said...

1. Verizon will automatically deduct the bill from your checking account, which at least avoids the inconvenience of writing out the check and paying postage. (If you don't have enough money in your checking account for the phone, you have bigger problems than this.)

2. That's the finest picture of a car on a lift I've ever seen.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Mrs. Smith, Ryan and Larry... I think you are right and I will keep those snow tires on after all! On account of this is Buffalo and you never know.

Michael, one question. How do you misspell "tire"? Did they spell it "tyre" like the British? That is an easy word!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Budd, thanks for the nice words on the picture! Tell me when your car is up on a lift and maybe I can snap that.