Thursday, August 13, 2009

The fog

It looks normal out now but earlier it did not! When I got up this morning around 6 the world was full of fog. It looked like that picture up above.

That is a picture I took in my driveway! I walked outside in my pajamas to take it. No one in my neighborhood is up at 6 a.m., I will tell you that.

Here is another picture I took of the fog. That big green tropical-looking mountain is my house!

Such a misty morning!

When I was in California with Leonard Pennario I remember thinking San Diego was very foggy and rainy compared with here. There was one morning when it was so foggy you could hardly see and Pennario and I were sitting in the car listening to Scriabin. If you have to be anywhere in the fog doing anything that is the thing to be doing.

This is one thing that kills me. San Francisco thinks it has the market cornered on fog. And they love to hand you this line that says you cannot bake sourdough bread anywhere else, that it will not turn out, because they have this fog and we do not.

That is such total bull!

I made sourdough bread and it turned out!

It turned out so well that I could not stop eating it and it was making me fat. So here is a terrible confession. Yesterday, I threw out my sourdough starter.

Just dumped it.

I cannot keep making this sourdough bread. It is like having chocolate around the house. Should not do it. Cannot do it. You know when you just wind up in a situation where you cannot stop eating? You plead with yourself, do something else. Take a bath. Listen to music. Isn't there anything else you want to do besides eat? But there is not!

So this morning there I was with no sourdough bread yet this San Francisco fog out my front window.

A most mysterious morning!

To think that on such a morning I once sat with a great pianist listening to Scriabin.

I get misty just thinking of that.

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Larry said...

Listening with Leonard, in the fog must be an incredible memory.

And what an amazing selection of 'fog music' we had today! :)