Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It was a dark and stormy summer

Aiiiieee, today I went back to getting up with my alarm clock. For the past week or so I have allowed myself to awaken naturally so I could get over my teeth surgery.

But now I am back to my old regimen of getting up early, early, early. This morning I felt like a newborn. I could not get my eyes open!

The thing is, aside from the early morning I have no other time to concentrate on Leonard Pennario. I hardly got to work on the book all last week and it gets so I do not feel good. Sometimes I think the old man haunts me. He wants this book done and I promised him.

Speaking of haunting reminds me of those thunderstorms we have been getting! They are unbelievable!

Every night it is like "Rebecca"!

The other night there was no question of sleeping through them. You could not! Incredible crashes and bangs, and then the lightning was the way the lightning is in movies, almost nonstop. Flashes constantly.

Howard says that when we get Big Blue into a shape where we can live in it, we have to have shutters. That way they can bang in the thunderstorms.

And people will ask: "Is someone breaking into the house?"

And we will say: "No, those are just the shutters."

It will be just like in "Wuthering Heights"! That is a movie Pennario loved. See, I do not have to mention him only once per post. I can mention him multiple times.

Above is a picture Howard took of Big Blue the other night when we were hanging over the balcony of Avant. That is Big Blue in the middle, with the lighted windows, surrounded by parking lots.

You can almost see Mrs. Danvers in the window.

Or Heathcliff, as the case may be.

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Larry said...

Awesome picture. Now, this is a decidedly hard way to go to the movies though.

Oh yeah, watch out for them haints!