Friday, August 14, 2009

City Hall confidential

Today the Web log gets a scoop!

Yesterday my friend Jane got a birthday card from the Mayor.

That is Jane's birthday card pictured above. Also observe the picture visible in the background. It is my autographed photo of John Gilbert!

Here is a picture of Mayor Byron Brown whom we have been known to refer to from time to time.

Here is a picture of the card's inside.

How about that? There has not been such birthday excitement since it was Leonard Pennario's birthday and WBFO-FM talked about it!

Who knew there was an official City Hall birthday card?

It is fun how in Buffalo the Mayor is within reach. The other day Howard and I went to see the historic auctioning off of the Statler. And the Mayor was there! The Mayor is handsome and you get to shake his hand. He calls me Mrs. Goldman which I get a kick out of.

This being Buffalo I got to stand around discussing the Statler situation with the Mayor. Not for work or anything. We were just standing around talking. Hizzoner and I agreed that Bashar Issa who was the former owner of the Statler was a good-hearted person and that Bashar had done the place no harm.

I mean, the Statler is still here, isn't it?

It has not gotten knocked down like the Aud. It is still looming gracefully over downtown Buffalo. As usual in the photo above the photographer just missed Big Blue. Big Blue is to the left right off the edge of the picture

It was fun to discuss that situation with the Mayor. That is life in Buffalo. You get to talk to the people in charge.

They might even send you a birthday card!


Larry said...

Great picture! All I need is for you to get into politics! :)

"Hey, mayor, let's go get a wine"

Becky said...

I went back today and took some pictures inside...I keep forgetting that it isn't boarded up and hostile to visitors :)

Howard Goldman said...

Big Blue is indeed in the photo, it just wasn't blue yet. It was white or aluminum. The photo may have been taken when the house was a bar called "Club Aluminum".