Friday, July 24, 2009

Pie in the sky

It is pathetic when you do not know your neighbors and instead you meet them on Facebook! That is what is happening to me.

When I moved onto the street where I am now I kept thinking someone would come over with a pie. Isn't that what happens when you move onto a new street? But no one came over with a pie.

My friend Maria thought I was crazy.

"No one does that any more," she said.

She was right!

And I do not do it either.

I have tried. I can bake pie, remember? That is a blueberry pie I made pictured above. Funny, that pretty flowered pie server was a present from my friend Maria whom I just mentioned.

But the pie transaction, I am finding, is not that easy. Either I have not had time, with Leonard Pennario and everything, or else something makes it difficult. For instance, next door, when they moved in I yearned to bring over a pie. And I did bring over something. But zut alors! Their doorbell did not work.

I believe it still does not work. Now that complicates everything!

I know my next-door neighbors. I am not so pathetic that I do not. But I am not the type to call in the door, "Hey, anybody home?" So it is just awkward. You have to wait for just the right moment when you happen to see one of them and something happens just to have come out of the oven. And that moment never arrives.

Facebook is much more convenient.

This guy just got in touch with me and it ends up he lives down the block! We will have to get together and drink beer, I told him.

Then again, mayhap we will just talk on Facebook.

It is so much easier!


Larry said...

That sure is a lovely looking pie. It kind of reminds me of The Three Stooges for some strange reason. But, nah, theirs had a bunch of white stuff in them.

Michael Powers said...

Great looking pie :)