Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting it all at Aldi

I am crazy about Aldi. I cannot stay away!

Yesterday I went even though it was about 6 p.m. and I knew it was going to be a zoo. It was worth it! Here is what I get a kick out of. Going to Aldi is like going on safari. You never know what wild things you will find.

There is this Deutsche Kuche bread I love. It is imported from Germany and you can get it in Sunflower Seed, Pumpernickel and Whole Grain Rye. It comes in compressed loaves weighing more than a pound. The bread is totally South Beach Diet, all whole grain, no white flour in it at all. And it has no preservatives but it is all sealed up and the expiration date is next December.

How in the world do they do that?

Well, I do not know. I do not want to know. So that is one thing I bought yesterday, this bread. My mother does not like the Aldi bread. I gave her a pumpernickel loaf. "It tastes sour," she said. But I love it!

I also got whole wheat pasta. Aldi is a great source for that. Plus two chubs of ground turkey. That is a word I love, chub.

I also got oatmeal for Howard. Howard is like a horse. He eats oats no end. I got him three huge silos -- that is what we call them -- of Old-Fashioned Oats. They have a great brand name, Millville. The brand of oats you get at Sav-A-Lot is even better. Their oats are called Rollin' Oats.

It occurred to me Aldi might have interesting German mustard but I was not able to find any. Also, last time I was there they had stashed the checkout aisles with all these exotic German chocolates and hazelnut confections. This time they were back to plain trashy U.S. stuff, Snickers and Skittles.

Well, less tempting for me! You know me, always look on the bright side.

Ha, ha! I am looking around on the Internet and I am not the only Web logger excited about Aldi. Another Web log ran this picture. These people are so jazzed they could not even hold the camera steady!

Here is another picture. Dude shows off his bargains.

Bread and oats and chocolate are all things Germans take seriously and that is why you can find such good choices at Aldi. They are also into smoked meats big time, with lots of bacon and ham and sausages. There is also low-priced butter.

And coffee is another thing. A wide range! There are also fancy green teas for a little more than a buck for 20 packets and I buy those for work.

And the best thing about Aldi -- the best! -- is there is no "music." There are Leonard Pennario's sarcastic parentheses! I have picked up that habit of his.

You shop in silence!

I love that about that store. I am so sick of cruddy pop "music" wailing at me everywhere. At Aldi you do not get that!

Good thing Aldi does not carry wine, is all I can say.

Otherwise I would have to move in!


Ryan said...

They used to have a few different kinds of Aldi private label beer. I never did get around to trying any of it, and then it just disappeared. Oh well. It probably wasn't good anyway. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Larry said...

Aldi is a mystery to me but I do know that I love the way Pennario plays those Brahms waltzes. A wonderful sound like no one else!

Yourstilniagarafalls said...

On Thursdays, Aldi's has fresh cut flowers. You can get six roses for $3.99 and they last for days!

Budd Bailey said...

Aldi's is the only place I know where you can buy bread and a basketball backboard at the same time.

Sarah Bear said...

I love German chocolates! Let me know when they are back on the shelves.

Mari said...

The coffee is to die for. Love the lo-cal dressings. Baby spinach & spring mix, and right now, great mangos! And the chocolate? Ohhhh ... the chocolate!

Tim said...

I LOVE Aldi's - I just plug in my IPod and put the shopping expereince to music!!!!! Where else can I get a garlic crust frozen pizza for under 5 bucks!!!!!!

Art said...

I remember not long ago, my dear, that you were an Aldi's snob. Glad to see the conversion is complete!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Ryan, I am loving the idea of Aldi's beer! It was probably from Germany. Can we go back in time and get some?

And I guess Thursday is fresh flowers day! I want those $3.99 roses! And the bread! And the basketball backboard! And the garlic-crust pizza!

Larry, the Pennario Brahms waltzes are the best. I thought it would go with the coffee-and-chocolate theme...

Anonymous said...

Aldi stores in Iowa and Illinois DO carry wine.

Ash said...

Came across this blog while searching for Deutsche Kuche bread. I got some at Aldi earlier today for my wheat allergic 4yo. Excellent blog post, I love that place!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Me, I was just at Aldi this morning! Last time I checked they did not have Deutsche Kuche bread...alas!! But maybe it comes and goes. I'll keep checking. That stuff is so good but I would not be surprised if it does not go over well with the average American consumer... it's so different from the bread over here.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

p.s. ... Aldi is a recurring theme on this Web log!

CprTp said...

Found this blog while researching Deutsche Kuche Pumpernickel that I bought at Aldi. I didn't know it was sliced and this was a pleasant surprise. I found it to be quite tasty though somewhat crumbly for a sandwich. Just want to add my favorite part of shopping there, though there are many adventures and reasons to go. I use my Kroger Visa card and get bonus points at via refund quarterly checks....tee-hee! Also, I
looked for you at Aldi since you said you were moving in if they sold wine! The Franklin, OH store does so pack your bags! LOL

Unknown said...

This Deutsche Kuche Pumpernickel tastes strange to me. Doesn't taste like pumpernickel at all. I like the texture but it taste like a band-aid with a hint of molasses. I put butter on it and still can't eat it. What's in this bread?