Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nightmare on Parkside

Just now while I was Water-Piking my teeth I thought of the grossest thing. This is a true story and I dare anyone to top it.

Well, there was the worm story which Leonard Pennario said was the grossest thing in the world and I might agree with him on that. But this is something else I just remembered.

Once years ago when I was living in my apartment on Parkside -- the haunted apartment, remember -- we had all kinds of squalor. My roommates had dogs and the dogs were not toilet trained well and there was a cat too and things were always out of control.

And one night when I was sleeping a mouse...

... ran over my face!

See, I warned you it was gross!

I cannot believe I can even think about that. I cannot believe that memory is in my head. It is like something out of "Les Mis." See that poster above? That was me!

Can anyone top my story?

I doubt it.


Larry said...

Hmmm...If you had had your mouth open, you could have been a mouse trap in disguise! Why did Micky retire anyway? Hmmm

prof. G said...

What's the fuss? My doctor told me that in our lifetimes we all eat dozens of spiders that crawl into our mouths while were asleep.

Larry said...

prof. G, your comment reminds me of a fellow worker (Johnny) in my shop years ago. He was an old man of about seventy and had a hard time staying awake. He could often be seen sitting in his chair, leaning way back and snoring with his mouth wide open. We all thought that was funny. When someone would say, "What is Johnny doing?", the reply would always be, "Catching flies". Hmmm food for thought.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry and Prof. G, that's saying a mouthful!