Thursday, May 28, 2009

My ship comes in

After setting down yesterday all the things I wanted to do this summer, I got right on it! The first thing I did was go to the Hatch for a glass of wine.

I may have said I would go to the Hatch for a beer but the glass of wine, it had to be done. When in Rome do as the Romans and when at the Hatch do as the Hatchlings, so I ordered Chablis. You could see them pouring it out of a huge jug. It is $4.50 for 8 ounces. No little wimpy 3 ounces for us here in the big bad city of Buffalo, N.Y.

While I was sipping my Chablis we watched a tugboat tugging this big Great Lakes freighter named LeFarge into the harbor. Very cool.

Here is the freighter getting closer. It is from Montreal! 'Tis a fine brooding sky.

Everyone at the Hatch was lined up at the railing and waving to the Frenchies on the freighter. In Buffalo we get used to always knowing each other. It is in the water here! I mean, look, when I met Leonard Pennario we immediately began talking about shared childhood experiences and priests and nuns we both knew. Do click on that Pennario link. It is appropriate!

After watching the freighter Howard and I took a walk to Nussbaumer Beach. Then we went to the Hyatt and heard Jackie Jocko. Here is a picture I took at the Hyatt of our friend Brenda with our friend H.

H. used to own a bunch of stores in Buffalo and he and Jocko were reminiscing about the time one of them was shut down by the FBI. They also reminisced about the time the sprinkler system in one of the stores went off in the middle of winter and Jocko was mopping and mopping.

Today I am wondering how Brenda is doing because last night was the night she and her sister were going to drive all night to New York so they could get in line to compete for "So You Think You Can Dance." That is where she is this morning! She promised to check in and let us know how things go.

I will report!

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Larry said...

Good luck, Brenda!