Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 things to do this summer

I know I wrote about Louie's, but the truth is, I am in shock that it is summer.

The interns are already at work! We have summer interns every year and I am looking at these people thinking, What are you doing here?

How did this happen that it is past Memorial Day? Today I went outside and the mint was in the back yard and it was two feet tall. The other day it was not there at all.

I keep looking at my desk calendar. I remember when I cut open the cellophane and opened it up. When I did that I was thinking: Well, I will not be using this for a couple of months, but this way it will at least have a space on my desk.

Then I started using it. And now it is almost half used up!

I should have given up wine, left, during Lent. That would have made the year go more slowly.

But I already have the braces on my teeth. Isn't that supposed to slow things down? That is what I wrote but now it is over a year later.

Things I want to do this summer:

1.) Complete book on Leonard Pennario.

2.) Have a beer at Dug's Dive. That is the sun setting over Dug's Dive in the picture up above.

3.) Make a mint julep.

4.) Go to Sunset Bay. That is Sunset Bay in the picture below. It is in Angola!

5.) Have a beer on the patio of the Swannie House.

6.) Have a beer on the patio of Papa Jake's. Oh, wait. Howard and I did that already. You would not believe the pictures.

7.) Have a shot of Polish vodka at the Three Deuces with my friend Eddie.

8.) Go to Sunset Bay again and we can visit my friend Judi's cottage.

10.) Go to the tavern owned by my friend Lillis Pastia.
10a.) Drink manzanilla.

La la la la la.


Larry said...

That sounds like a plan! It was good to see item '1)' at the top of the list too. The anticipation builds!

BTW, lovely pictures!

Maria Callas for breakfast...

Ryan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who plans my summer activities around beer!

Michelle W said...

Picnics @Isle view
Ride on Moondance
Ride on Big Person's boat
Cocktails @ Shanghai Reds
party on Gary Marinos porch

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

We must all drink beer together at Dug's Dive. Speaking of which, the joint never looked so good as it did in that photo at the top. Who in the world took that picture? Amazing!